No one knows better than ship owners and rig operators that service, repair and maintenance of your systems is crucial for a safe economical and consistent operation of your vessels or installations.

It will avoid incidents and will extend the lifetime of your equipment. This in turn will reduce costly and unnecessary downtime.

Offshoretech BV aims to be your partner and provide high quality services which enables you and your crew to focus on the ongoing operation. If we cannot help you ourselves, we will often be able to do so through our network of suppliers and engineers.  

Next to site and onboard services, we also have the possibility to repair, calibrate or overhaul many of your products off site. This is in many cases also true for obsolete items. Almost all items or equipment will become obsolete at some point from suppliers due to stopped or limited production for commercial or strategic reasons. We are often able to repair or find replacement parts to extend the lifetime of your equipment.

Typical services:

-    Onboard repair and calibration

-    Annual inspections

-    Third party inspections

-    Site teams for inspections, mechanical completion and acceptance testing

-    Development of procedures

-    Follow up of claims

-    Supply of any type of technical parts

-    Mechanical installation

Harbour maintenance services